willingness to comply

See: compliance
References in classic literature ?
The vicomte bowed and smiled courteously in token of his willingness to comply. Anna Pavlovna arranged a group round him, inviting everyone to listen to his tale.
This they instantly and peremptorily refused to do, declaring that they would not leave their parents; but expressed a willingness to comply with the order, provided they were permitted to embark with their families.
Bullington contributed this willingness to comply to the fact that the Trucker Tools app provides drivers with value outside of tracking.
Disclosure of Chinese willingness to comply to some degree with US sanctions as well as the European sanctions come in advance of a conference in Warsaw next month convened by the United States to discuss peace and security in the Middle East .
Offenders were asked about their willingness to comply with the probation conditions at both [T.sub.1] and [T.sub.2].
The coalition government, formed between the socialist party Partido Socialista del Pais Valenciano and the left party Compromis, has expressed willingness to comply with deficit stability goals.
As to the possibility of other Philippine islands being closed to tourists, which is feared by European tour operators, Puyat said it depends on the private sector's willingness to comply with environmental laws.
China too so far showed little willingness to comply with US demands.
Karl Williams, defending, suggested his client had shown willingness to comply with his suspended sentence by completing 47 and a half hours of unpaid work and attending 36 probation appointments.
Nevertheless, PCC called the consultation with the TNC representatives as a 'sign' of willingness to comply to the Philippine Competition Act.
'The consultation is taken as a sign of the parties' willingness to comply with the provisions of the Philippine Competition Act, including ensuring real competition among ride-hailing options and promoting the welfare of the riding public,' Balisacan said.
He provided the court with his contact details, and expressed willingness to comply and abide by any conditions the court would choose to impose.