willingness to please

References in classic literature ?
Her husband was a grave looking young man of five or six and twenty, with an air of more fashion and sense than his wife, but of less willingness to please or be pleased.
"Winning these awards would not have been possible without the dedicated care, attention, willingness to please and 'go the extra mile' for each and every guest who stays with us.
Gracing the cover of Vogue's August issue and interviewed by Irish novelist Sally Rooney at her home outside Dublin, Saoirse told of a scene taking advantage of her youth and willingness to please.
At the heart of good hospitality is just a willingness to please and a passion to excel and that emotion cuts across cultures - yes we have a rather strong recruitment process to ensure we get the right energy into the system but it still requires constant training and close supervision.
His apologetic demeanour and willingness to please makes even my iron heart melt.
One of the many alarming findings of what are some are now calling the " (https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2015/03/123636/%E2%80%9Csugar-papers%E2%80%9D-reveal-industry-role-1970s-dental-program) sugar papers " was Greulich's willingness to please the researchers at the sugar industry by making assurances that NIDR's research was in no way going to threaten sugar consumption.
It is his willingness to please that makes him such a wonderful dog to take home and get to know over the years.
That sense of humour and willingness to please fans - even those who don't recognise him - has earned Matt a reputation as one of the nicest men in Tinseltown.
Natural instincts and desire, along with a willingness to please and a sweet personality, make them a great choice as a companion on any hunting adventure in the blind or the field.
Social engineering exploits human nature and plays on victims emotions such as protecting themselves, their family and finances, gaining something of advantage or willingness to please others.
Sasha is super intelligent and loves treats so will be very easy to train as she has a great willingness to please. She would do well in obedience classes.
Because I believed in the active, authorial, unitary brand; in a brand that brought more to the table than a willingness to please; in a brand that meant something to everyone, not anything to anyone.