willingness to purchase

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At the last hearing, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and Jamaluddin Wali Sugar Mills owner, Jehangir Tareen, along with four other sugar mills owners, had expressed his willingness to purchase sugarcane from all the farmers affected by the closure of the Sharif family sugar mills.
Businesses then determine their appropriate levels of inventory build by analyzing its perception and data regarding the general publics willingness to purchase in the future.
The survey doesn't ask investors specifically about their willingness to purchase annuities or use other fixed-income producing instruments such as bond ladders and treasury bills.
Purchasing Konfidence covers three components, namely purchase capability, willingness to purchase, and the actual purchase.
But if we dig a little further, 34 percent of Millennials indicate a willingness to purchase electricity from an alternative supplier given a choice.
In particular, the company expressed its willingness to purchase livestock for further fattening.
The limiting factor is still the people's willingness to purchase these e-vehicles.
Elsewhere, he referred to efforts to sell Iran's home-made heavy water supplies, and said, "At present, several European companies have shown willingness to purchase this product and have made official requests in written, and our experts are in negotiations with them.
Mutombo, who retired as a Rocket after serving as Yao Ming's back-up from 2004 to 2009, shared his willingness to purchase the franchise after missing the opportunity to buy his former team, Atlanta Hawks, in 2015.
Consumer animosity in the global value chain: The effect of international production shifts on willingness to purchase hybrid products.
22563), Francesco D'Acunto, Daniel Hoang, and Michael Weber report that between the VAT increase announcement and the time the increase took effect, German households increased their reported willingness to purchase durable goods by 34 percent relative to other European households.
This year the Jordanian government had expressed its willingness to purchase 500,000 tons wheat from Pakistan and the demand was put forward to the provincial governments.