win an argument

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Leon's heartbroken father John said: "This was an 11-year-old having a tantrum, trying to win an argument with his parents and not understanding the consequences of his actions.
And our policy is actually in the right place on immigration, because it's very easy to win an argument about immigration on the doorstep.
They seem to be good at arguing, very good at lying, and I am also part of a profession that is trained to lie, tell a story, win the audience over and win an argument.
I HAVE never seen anyone win an argument with David (I'm always right) Cameron.
The Ministry of Defence cannot be allowed to win an argument which is based on the argument that the "chaos of war" absolves it from properly equipping those tasked with doing a very dangerous job.
AND the quote of the week once again comes from my six-year-old paragon of optimism, who still believes he may one day win an argument with his mother.
He said: "I can't win an argument but I thought I would give it a go because I only had to text in.
SIR - It's a sad fact of life that quite often when someone can't win an argument they resort to personal abuse.
O'Reilly shot back: "We all know you can demonize your opponent when you can't win an argument.
Assistant coaches should never try to win an argument with the head coach.
He quoted Will Rogers ("The best way to win an argument is to be right"), Dale Carnegie ("Knowledge plus action equals success") and himself ("Too much analysis causes paralysis").
Viscuso plays Roma's come-on as if he's trying to win an argument rather than seduce a sucker.