win back

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start to suspect the squirrels aren't who they claim to be - and soon they're helping the irrepressible toad win back his home all over again.
PAUL MONAGHAN CAITHNESS, SUTHERLAND & EASTER ROSS Majority - 3844 Lib Dems want to win back seat from SNP.
I love to win back title in Indian soul and certainly it would be a gift for my countrymen on the occasion of the Independence Day celebration,' a dreamful Ummam Khawaja said with full confidence.
FIRED But Stephanie Davis has vowed to win back soap bosses' trust
CATS CEO Bob Mirabito said the agency has been waiting since 2014 to win back the deal.
In an effort to win back the trust of its customers, the bank has stated that this practise can be confusing and it intends to make it clearer to the customer who they are communicating with.
Interestingly, when they spin and win back less than their wager (bet 1.
All who remit money in this manner will be also eligible to enter a prize draw where five customers will get the chance to win back their remitted amount of up to AED 20,000 per winner.
Summary: Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to win back voters who switched to support the UK Independence Party in Thursday's elections.
During the Mashreq Shopping Festival, Mashreq Cardmembers are up for rewarding benefits to make their shopping experience even more exciting with four unique propositions - Shopping Discounts, Shopping Win back, Shopping Convenience and Shopping Rewards.
Mashreq cardmembers can also look forward to win back their weekly shopping spends where one lucky cardmember every week will win back up to Dh5,000 until the end of the promotion period.
Take out any amount in a personal loan and you will automatically go into a monthly draw to win back that loan amount', boomed the voice over the airwaves.