win the battle

See: beat, defeat
References in classic literature ?
We have seen above, that the first step in the revolution by the working class, is to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling as to win the battle of democracy.
Sooner or later he would accomplish his purpose, get the grip that would win the battle.
Aretha teaches those principles in her inspirational seminars so others can unleash their hidden potential and live the lives they were born to live, and win the battle within their mind.
Sting said: "We win the battle in the theatre every day.
You need to win the battle on the paddock and you need to win the battle off the paddock," he said.
We need to win the battle in these away games and then show our class.
So, my winter gardening over the next few weeks is to attack these foreign invaders, border by border until I am satisfied that I have done enough to win the battle if not the war against weeds.
WOLVES must first win the battle with Stoke before trying to play football - that's the pre-match message of intent from striker Jay Bothroyd.
He had started the fight for compensation from his former employers, Kinnis and Brown (Chemical Services) Ltd and Loriston Services Ltd about a year before he died in 2004 and Betty was determined to win the battle.
Jax explains that everyone has two dogs inside--one bad and one good--and whichever dog we feed the most will win the battle.
presents Stop Arguing With Your Kids: How To Win The Battle Of Wills By Making Your Children Feel Heard, a guide for parents to showing one's children that their feelings and thoughts matter without necessarily giving into their demands.