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Then he clapped his horn to his lips and winded a blast that went echoing sweetly down the forest paths.
QAT one point you look winded, it's very realistic.
THE long winded trailing of the next in the series of reports into a high speed rail network continues apace.
The Senate session was summoned on July 24 and the members were scheduled to discuss presidential address to the joint session of the Parliament, but it was winded up following consensus among the members who suggested to discuss other matters of national importance.
When she ran outside, winded Lewis was lying on top of a ladder outside her home in Tennyson Crescent, Swalwell, Gateshead.
This is one of my shortest video's I have done and for good reason; the simplicity of this setup doesn't demand a long winded explanation.
Even though I managed to get within 20 yards of two does and 50 yards of a nice 10-point buck, I still ended up empty handed and never had a chance to get off a clear shot before I got winded.
Before I finally quit I was gray, phlegmy and would get winded playing Scrabble.
He is a very clean winded horse so he is not one that needs a lot of races and he has been in many battles down the years and come back as good as ever.
The policeman was winded after being kneed in the stomach.
The loose cannon is Russell Grant, the man that whale came to mate with, a man who gets winded using Teletext.