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It's like a windfall, like a godsend, like an unexpected piece of luck.
Outgoing governor of the Irish central bank, Patrick Honohan, has warned finance minister, Michael Noonan, against resorting to a windfall budget.
Offering Teladoc services to our members gives us another great way to empower associations and small businesses to provide the very best to their employees at a great discount," said Donna Marks, CEO of Windfall.
Trading down from a detached home to a bungalow could produce an average windfall of just over PS97,000 across the UK, a 41% increase on the PS68,814 average sum which could have gained in 2002, researchers found.
But we think it is important to remember that for some of the same reasons, global oil prices have been soaring and that this is resulting in a massive windfall to the exporters of the Gulf," he said.
LABOUR will today challenge the government to rule out pre-election tax cuts funded by the sale of the nationalised banks -insisting any windfall must be used to pay off Britain's debts.
It never rains but pours for the country's mining sector following Tuesday's announcement by the Minister of Mines and Energy that government is considering introducing Windfall taxes for mining companies in the current financial year.
Windfall was a very popular classic rock band in the Worcester area from 1971-75.
This work explains background, history, rationales, policy and economic contexts, and consequences of bills introduced in Congress to impose a windfall profits tax on oil--that is, a tax on oil industry income that is due primarily to rising crude oil prices, not new production or investment.
The government may also be willing to soften a tough tax on windfall profits when prices are high.
Byline: A union leader is set to renew the call for a windfall tax on "greedy" energy companies.
But there is not expected to be the windfall tax on the profits of energy companies demanded by unions and many Labour backbenchers.