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Muscat: Time spent on reflection, following their windless and frustrating visit to Singapore, has strengthened the resolve of The Wave Muscat, who want to return to the top of the table at the Extreme Sailing Series Act 3 in Qingdao, China, on May 2--5, 2013.
Jeev averred that windless days can make tournament a low- scoring affair.
the windless directories, saying hello to our neighbors,
Not only are they underpowered and out of tune, the best effect, on a rare windless day, is that of a set of cracked dinner plates being struck by a wooden spoon.
Sheep grazing on these highly exposed areas is at an extremely low overall level and is confined to windless days of the year (and there aren't many of those at this altitude).
The snow should keep if temperatures are right and it is windless.
The Royal Yacht of Victoria has retained the historic Association after a near windless weekend on Melbourne's Port Phillip.
Windless has given his former club a huge boost by tipping them to land the BBL Trophy on Sunday against Guildford Heat.
An air inversion--a condition that leads to still and windless air--trapped pollution from the factory in a bowl formed by surrounding hills, causing thick haze.
With the calm of the sea on a windless day, / my grandmother opened the door / of her house and strode toward the stranger.
Windless swindles make a neat cyclic permutation Coy which one is cheated out of the freedom to raft?
A recent trip to the north east of England from Wales clearly demonstrated the uselessness of wind generation, due to windless conditions.