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Windmill manager Liam Murphy felt they had their best spell at the start of the second half when they scored but it was end-to-end stuff throughout.
The arms of a windmill had to fully face the breeze to function property.
Terry's windmill collection is at home in a beautiful setting along Split Rock Creek, which runs through land he and his wife, Kris, own near Jasper, Minn.
The Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site serves as a memorial to those who fought and lost their lives in the 1838 Battle.
Keith, aged 70, was actually born in the Mill House in Holywell which was located in the grounds of this Grade II listed windmill, although it has long been demolished.
Built in the late 18th or early 19th century, Groes Onnen windmill on Pen-y-Maes Road in Holywell has been converted into a family home.
The park, off Windmill Way near Barwick Way and Low Lane, is designed for children up to around 12 years old.
They will creak back into life at Berkswell Windmill, in Balsall Common.
The Georgian windmill re-opened to the public last year after a five-year restoration project, but this will be the first time the sails have turned since 1948.
The Bogdanci windmill park may accept six more windmills.
Each of the windmills was reconstructed locally by windmill enthusiasts and restorers.
As we roared past the Rotunda I was interested to see a very tall windmill among semi-derelict property.