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Higher disposable income corresponds to greater spending and, hence, permits the purchase of high-quality window dressing products.
As an extreme example of window dressing, a portfolio manager who owned Coco most of the way down would then swap into Rowdy to conceal having held a laggard while showing the portfolio held a winner when the quarterly report was published.
One thing that might help the category is the change in how the consumer perceives window dressings.
I'm tempted to bet that this kind of realist impulse is Bock's core motivation, and that the Barney and McCarthy borrowings, with their transformative, fictional implications, are window dressing.
WINDOW OF DELIGHT: Nuneaton Help the Aged staff (from left) Michelle McMasters, manager Val Lambert and Ian Walton have been taking part in the window dressing competition.
In our view, the testimony about consultation was mere window dressing to conceal tax motives.
Prosecutors plan to establish a case against three former executives of the failed Nippon Credit Bank (NCB) over alleged window dressing of financial statements, investigation sources said Wednesday.
From America, to where the innovating torch passed by the turn of the century, came advances in window dressing, new managerial and merchandising practices, and the palpable transfer of all these techniques with the building of Selfridge's.
CHESTER, England -- Window dressing can make a truly distinctive statement in any home but often, homeowners pay little attention to their windows and use curtains merely to block out the sun.
Philippine markets started their window dressing to kick off the last trading week of the first half, capitalizing on US equities surging on opening.
You want to see her make some decisions and do something, she's just window dressing to the other four of us.
And CCAD student Duane Hurn was chosen to turn his artistic talents to window dressing.