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CONTACT: Arthur Wasserspring, for Windswept Environmental Group, Inc.
AFTER; BEFORE; DREAM COME TRUE: Jan and Mike transformed their windswept acre of garden
Located on the South coast of Ireland, Old Head sits on a 220-acre, windswept promontory that sometimes gets so shrouded in fog that it has to close, lest any of the players or caddies walk right off the rocks.
Del Sol is referring to the company's first venture: a $7 million, 30-room structure that opened in 1993 in the windswept Patagonia national park of Torres del Paine.
AT THIS PARK, visitors can stroll 70 miles of primitive, white sand beaches in the midst of windswept dunes, grasslands, and tidal flats teeming with marine life.
Windswept Sam Torrance all but blew his Open dream.
Two other parcels will be auctioned with the 432--acre Windswept, namely the 772-acre Medallion Bay; and the 257-acre Young property, aka The Club or Boy Scout camp.
Michael O'Reilly, Chairman and CEO of Windswept, stated that "While we are still working on projects in Louisiana from Hurricane Gustav, our advanced personnel have been, for the last several days, signing and commencing work from Beaumont to Houston (Texas) due to damages from Hurricane Ike.
Tackle presentation - the key to catching fish - was a nightmare and the usual successful tactics involving pole fishing became impossible on the windswept Lydi-ate lake and halved the amount offish caught.
To get her models ready for their close-ups, Bloomfield will sometimes even use a blow-dryer to create a windswept effect.
Looming over the city on a windswept outcrop, its Brutalist deck access blocks have a grim Alphaville appeal, but even though such architecture has swung back into fashion, to the point of achieving listing status, the estate suffers the familiar problems of social and physical decline.
RUNCORN'S dogged determination to hold onto an early lead at windswept Halton Stadium saw them chalk up a second home victory in four days to move towards midtable in Nationwide North .