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Even though the teacher always demonstrated just the windup mechanism, children who knew the toy had three more undemonstrated functions gave much lower ratings than children who knew it was the toy's only function.
One such Employee Involvement Team chose to examine the handling of materials in the tread windup machine area of the plant.
Colborn isn't sure there is a difference in Nomo's velocity out of the windup as opposed to the stretch.
A Trustee will be appointed by the Court to liquidate the assets of the Company and oversee the windup of its affairs.
Both runners broke on the windup, and Andrew Berkovich was easily thrown out at third.
The EarSet WindUp, which is featured in CTIA's Wireless Widgets Showcase, began shipping in early March.
When Nomo was throwing a fastball, his left pinkie was visible at the height of his exaggerated windup.
the nation's leading provider of hands-free communication products, announced shipping dates for its two newest corded headsets, the EarSet WindUp and ProBoom.
At the greatest hitters' ballpark, against the league's most productive team, Nomo waited through a two-hour rain delay, abandoned his trademark windup and made history many say will never be duplicated.
The Company further expects it will provide for the orderly windup of both its African Export business and its Romanian division in its fourth fiscal quarter, as it views both businesses to be non-core.