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Until now, the birds with the largest-known wingspans were the slightly smaller condor-like Argentavis magnificens, which lived about 6 million years ago in Argentina, and another pelagornithid, Pelagornis chilensis, that lived in Chile at about the same time.
Being one of only a few New Zealand charities with no direct government funding (New Zealand has a total of around 11,000 registered charities) Wingspan is dependent on philanthropic donations, sponsorship, grants, and visitors to the Centre in order to operate.
This giant stork, which has just taken up residence at a Midland wildlife park, has one of the longest wingspans in the world.
The new Wingspan subsidiary will experience few, if any, noticeable changes under the new ownership, according to Steven Horne, president and chief executive officer of Wingspan.
These compelling post-market data about the Wingspan stent provide an opportunity for the FDA to show to industry, the clinical community and most of all to patients that the agency is serious about exercising its authority by withdrawing the HDE immediately and insisting on a recall to ensure the devices on the U.
From the analysis above, the forward- bending wingspan can improve the character of stall and working condition.
Prior wingspan estimates for pelagornithids went up to 20 feet, but they were based on more fragmented fossils.
They are one of the biggest butterflies in the world with a seven-inch wingspan -most butterflies' wingspan is two inches.
It has a wingspan of approximately 25 centimeters (10 inches), and it can eat up to 1,200 tiny insects an hour.
The Wingspan Stent System is designed to treat atherosclerotic lesions or accumulated plaque in brain arteries and is the only device available in the U.
The text lists straightforward information on when and where each species can be found, how to distinguish it from similar species, its wingspan, and much more.
While the original took just under 18 months to build, stands at 20 metres tall, has a wingspan of 54 metres and is made from 200 tonnes of steel, the mini angel has been built to a 1:20 scale by Rob Larsen-Pass.