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2004) ("[l]ottery prizes are treated by the tax code as gambling winnings, which are taxed as ordinary income").
Reseda resident Cory Merrill doesn't usually play - though her husband and the neighbor across the street have a running pledge to split their winnings - but she couldn't resist on Tuesday.
Researchers have demonstrated that two games of chance, each guaranteed to give a player a predominance of losses in the long term, can add up to a winning outcome if the player alternates randomly between the two games.
Pennsylvania Lottery officials today announced that one of the two winning tickets in the $221.
The lone unclaimed winning ticket from that drawing - sold in Miami - has not yet been redeemed.
Toni said she will use some of her winnings to pay off the mortgage on her home, set up an educational fund to continue her college education, use some for investments, and maybe buy a new SUV for herself.
I plan to use some of my winnings to build a new house," Margaret said.
possible winning numbers" -- DAVID SOHN FLORIDA LOTTO Jackpot Winner
They bought the winning ticket in Miami immediately after returning from a trip to Santo Domingo, where he is from originally.
he bought the winning FLORIDA LOTTO ticket for the Oct.
50 on a Florida LOTTO ticket, today redeemed the Jackpot winning ticket from the August 23 LOTTO drawing.
In Pennsylvania, Powerball(R) players who "powered up" with PowerPlay(R) for the July 10, 2003, drawing will receive total additional winnings of $433,412 - nearly one-half million dollars.