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The Winsome Waggish Warblers proved to be a quartette of rabbit singers, two gentlemen and two lady rabbits.
At his cry of rapture the other lads looked up and smiled involuntarily, for the little kinswoman standing there above was a winsome sight with her shy, soft eyes, bright hair, and laughing face.
May I never see Chester Bridge again, if she is not a right winsome lass
And," we are told, "his songs and his verse were so winsome to hear, that his teachers themselves wrote and learned from his mouth.
Whatever thrifty, hard-working farmer folk might think of gay, Bohemian Blair Stanley in his absence, in his presence even they liked him, by the grace of some winsome, lovable quality in the soul of him.
Bishopriggs, with his eye fixed in uneasy expectation on Blanche, "it joost spak' trumpet-tongued when that winsome creature first lookit at me.
There was something so sweet and winsome about her that you had to love her, that was all.
There were a few lines still left on her forehead, traced there by the troubles of past days, but she had a bright and winsome face.
By the eyes of a winsome wife, and the yearning her heart to win.
It is now two months since our guests left us to the enjoyment of each other's society; and I have had nine weeks' experience of this new phase of conjugal life - two persons living together, as master and mistress of the house, and father and mother of a winsome, merry little child, with the mutual understanding that there is no love, friendship, or sympathy between them.
Synopsis: A grisly murder in a pastoral Wisconsin town, Winsome Bay, proves to be only the opening act in a twisting, darkening series of gruesome deaths.
Winsome Needham, (nee Broomhall), passed on her knowledge and passion for the arts at the Elwyn School and many of today's top dancers owe their careers to her meticulous demands.