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The Winsome Waggish Warblers proved to be a quartette of rabbit singers, two gentlemen and two lady rabbits.
Thou didst kindle the strife, this feud of kinsman with kin, By the eyes of a winsome wife, and the yearning her heart to win.
'Nelly, will you keep a secret for me?' she pursued, kneeling down by me, and lifting her winsome eyes to my face with that sort of look which turns off bad temper, even when one has all the right in the world to indulge it.
Tears came to his eyes as he remembered her childlike look, and winsome fanciful ways, and shy tremulous grace.
Bishopriggs, with his eye fixed in uneasy expectation on Blanche, "it joost spak' trumpet-tongued when that winsome creature first lookit at me.
There were a few lines still left on her forehead, traced there by the troubles of past days, but she had a bright and winsome face.
In our little town, which is a sample of many, life is as interesting, as pathetic, as joyous as ever it was; no group of weavers was better to look at or think about than the rivulet of winsome girls that overruns our streets every time the sluice is raised, the comedy of summer evenings and winter firesides is played with the old zest and every window-blind is the curtain of a romance.
With many a fanciful conceit, Fair Lady, winsome Poesy Her soul, an offering at thy feet, Presents in sonnets unto thee.
Of a truth the phrase hath a fair and winsome grace, and is prettily worded withal.
The JV acquired Cornerstone Crossing in September 2018, Foothill Village in June 2018, and Winsome West in April 2018.
The winsome star and young sensation of Pakistan has already carved her path for success with Dilara, produced by BOL Entertainment.
Worried woodworkers would whittle worn wormwood wishing woebegone wallabies would walk willingly with winsome weasels wielding wildflowers.