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That said, we doubt most nostalgic gamers will mind taking Wipeout for another spin.
There are certainly no complaints with the content on offer here, mainly because it is a compilation of all the best bits of the Wipeout series.
Skip to the end: The way WipEout was always meant to be played.
Only it's hilarious, the natural successor to Wipeout with similar brilliant choices of soundtrack, like Bright Eyes for Team Rabbit's elimination.
The official spokesperson of the channel airing Wipeout confirmed that SRK will soon be flying off to Argentina to shoot the episodes.
I'd been so frustrated after coming third in the first show, when I slipped in the Wipeout Zone.
Banger's wipeout runs were trading at 240-260 before the Test, but his duck in the second innings means the Somerset man must start again from zero.
Anyone who calls wipeout when there isn't a tanker truck nearby has to cross off his or her marks.
A TOTAL Wipeout Tour advertised on social media appears to have been little more than an internet scam.
FACEBOOK users are warning that a "Total Wipeout Tour" event being advertised for Teesside could be an internet scam.
FACEBOOK users are being warned that a page advertising a Total Wipeout challenge could be an internet scam.