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org and to learn more about all aspects of OHA's Wisdom Tooth Project, visit www.
The patient went onto have the ectopic wisdom tooth removed and associated cyst enucleated under a general anaesthetic via an intra-oral approach.
When the hygienist asked me recently what the dentist was doing about my wisdom tooth, I was a bit confused.
In very rare circumstances you may experience numbness of the lip following extraction of a lower wisdom tooth but your dentist will be able to advise you of the likelihood of this happening by looking at your X-rays.
Felli thinks the virus came from the wisdom tooth and he has been complaining of that," added Moyes.
I just thought it was my wisdom tooth, but then I needed an operation to take away my jaw," said Rajni, a former pupil at Moseley School.
At baseline, 59% of the subjects had a periodontal probing depth (PD) of 4 mm or more on at least one wisdom tooth, and 26% had a PD of 5 mm or more.
Zero has a definite home-court advantage after magically winning San Diego as their starting city, and, although Jon Allie bailed out due to a tragic case of wisdom tooth swelling, he was quickly replaced by Garrett "Nine Inch Nails" Hill, who went on the trip last year, though not as an active KOTR team member.
Striker Patrick Kluivert could also be back in contention following his recovery from a hamstring problem and surgery to remove a wisdom tooth.
Napoleon's hair, wisdom tooth, heart, stomach, intestines and manhood were all preserved.
One fracture was so grievous that it cracked my wisdom tooth in two, and I needed a second operation for its removal.
Quick whistles: Captain Rob Blake missed Saturday's practice at the Iceoplex to have a wisdom tooth pulled.