wise man

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The wise man thanked them for their hospitality and left.
Critique: A thoughtful and thought-provoking read, "A Wise Man Taught Me How to Defy Gravity and Now I'll Teach You" is particularly commended to the attention of readers with an interest in the cosmos, or who have grown disenchanted with the world, or who are seeking to overcome an adversity, or wish to expand themselves creatively.
For all the brusque banter, Jim was a wise man who knew his own mind and that of his opponents.
For example, Junaid Saleem, the host of Hasb e Haal, projects himself as a very wise man but what he has only succeeded in achieving is effectively turning the comedy show into a lecturing session.
The wise man, as Arthur Schopenhauer depicts him in Aphorisms on Wisdom in Life, is in his essence infinitely less worthy of respect than the idealist destined to become a laughing stock.
Dostoyevsky's wise man spoke to me in another way too.
Years on, we will admit that the tears shed by the wise man constituted an alarming sign, which the government failed to understand.
The wise man also may hear and increase in learning, and the man of understanding acquire a skill, to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles.
So our very own Prime Minister, Wise Man, King of the Orient, went east to the Promised Lands bearing his gift of gold - Lord Levy.
Once upon a time, a wise man said, "When man abandons God he can only prove he is a well developed ape.
For what has a wise man more than a fool, except the knowledge of how to live?
A wise man once said that only poor men will gamble.