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A surfeit of decibels and a grab bag of wisecracks are all you need for today's debates
There should be some equally good wisecracks around tonight because there are a few jokers in the Sky Sports golf team and they are bringing us four hours of AmEx first-round coverage.
Mr E Oxenham from Newton Stewart, Scotland, wins pounds 35 for that WiseCrack.
After Tiger Woods won the title last year Zoeller went one wisecrack too far by saying that he hoped Woods would not choose "fried chicken and collard greens - or whatever it is they serve" for last night's champions dinner.
His writing is like great talk - especially great graduate-student talk, where the smallest details of speech or dress can assume impossible significance only to be cut off at the knees by a wisecrack, then raised up again by "But what I really mean is -.
When former candidate Arianna Huffington criticized Schwarzenegger in a nationally televised debate for what she called disrespect of women, the moderator - a termed-out former Republican state senator - interrupted her, gave Schwarzenegger the floor and let him wisecrack that he had a role for her in a putative ``Terminator 4,'' an obvious reference to his notorious scene and his later remarks on it.
Carlin was next, and as a Scot there were plenty of wisecracks about his stereotypical love of a tipple.
With the new film portraying him as the classic unruly teen of the comics, his regular wisecracks are genuinely entertaining.
Time in job: 17 years as comedian; two as owner of Wisecracks.
00pm It's a bit of a clich that most action stars have a yearning to leave the wisecracks and stunts behind to prove they are really sensitive, nuanced thespians.
Hancock delivers everything you expect from a Will Smith blockbuster including spectacular set pieces and a barrage of wisecracks, albeit with an excess of strong language and crude humour.