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Obsessed with discovering what happened to her, Brendan strongarms and wisecracks his way through an increasingly unbelievable underworld of suburban drug merchants, junior-varsity femmes fatales and hair-trigger palookas.
Once she was there, Andra's emotional reaction to the big twist--the fact that half the mates were straight drew wisecracks and high fives alike, making her a prime focus of the series.
Straight off, Kael sucks everything into a movie: literature, politics, moronic comments heard leaving a theater, great wisecracks heard inside it, the mood of the country, the whole arc of culture from the Depression into the postwar boom.
Griffin, basically hired to toss off idiotic wisecracks during an idiotic ritual, said, ``We did hear a rumor that little Dakota Fanning entered rehab today and we wish her the best.
In a nutshell: With so many momentous events, there's less time for the wry wisecracks.
Let's put it this way," cautions the movie's out producer, Alan Poul, "it's impossible to steal a show from Penelope Cruz, but when we first previewed, the reaction was overwhelming to Monica, [who's] kind of the Eve Arden character who gets to stand by the leading lady and make wisecracks.
WE'LL FORGO the wisecracks - for the moment, at least - about exotic forms of torture, political correctness in harems and a first act so endless it would have grayed the hair of Sheherazade.