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According to Wiser, the deal will allow Wiser Capital to serve a larger audience of potential host facilities, and inject more capital into that mid-scale market for the entire industry.
Jimmy Quinn: will return six months older and a lot wiser
Cotrone said in a recent interview at his office on the approximately 22-acre site at Wiser Avenue.
My experience seems to indicate to me that, if that statement is true then, lamentably, there are few people today who are prepared to show they have grown wiser.
A recent newsletter from WISER discussed "investing errors.
John O'Callaghan writes, "I suggest that it would have been wiser to ignore such blasphemous material than to focus light on it by publishing a review of it," in his letter commenting on my book review of Sobat's The Book of Mary (C.
If wiser counsels do not prevail, Darfur and Ethiopia will pale into insignificance in comparison to the starvation of the Palestinian people in the biblical land of milk and honey that was promised to the children of Abraham.
From basic techniques to intricate tests and technologies, this useful volume answers the need for wiser, better-trained financial statement and internal auditors who are thoroughly trained in fraud detection.
Now a 67-year-old attorney in private practice in Houston, with five books under his belt, Caddy feels wiser for the experience but hasn't recovered from the bitter taste it left.
Helen Jane Wiser Stewart and Idah Meacham Strobridge, ranch owners, preserved history and "sold" the beauties of the area to others.
One day Joseph and his brothers would meet again, with repentance filling the brothers' hearts, all of them far wiser than they once were so many years ago.