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based organization helps cities make the wisest long-term use of their waterfront resources.
But I can't help wondering--after all the years I've wasted doubting myself, is there really any hope left for me of becoming a professional ballet dancer, or would you consider it wisest for me to study modern instead, although that isn't really what I want?
com) are the oldest of the lot (both date their origins back to the late 1960s), and probably because of that, the wisest.
The wisest use of the mind/body connection would be to live free from negativity, embracing only the most cherished qualities: love, happiness, creativity, intelligence.
These potential investors, faced with a time-sensitive opportunity and the probability of having loan applications delayed or rejected by commercial lenders, often turn to bridge lenders, such as BRT, who recognize a borrower's vision of refinancing with a traditional long-term commercial lender by first using short-term bridge financing as the wisest and fastest financial strategy to achieve that goal.
The wisest buys are SE models with six-cylinder motors.
One of the wisest investments African American families can make is in a home," says Thompson.
But the wisest among us, realizing that these scripts are not immutable and that each generation takes its own hand in revising them, first listens closely to find out exactly just who indeed they do think they are.
CEOs or ex-CEOs, who have had to undergo the same revelation, and senior directors, who have seen several CEOs adapt themselves to new conditions are often the wisest counselors.
If you are a corporate leader, profit or not-for-profit, one of the wisest business decisions you can make will be to explore professional certification and include it in the corporation's business plan.
Perhaps the wisest words in the book are by Ulrich Maximilian Schumann in his piece on Ungers's Gallery of Contemporary Art in Hamburg: 'Briefly put, a museum is always a museum of architecture as well'.
The wisest course is to have your tank, and if necessary the surrounding soil, tested periodically by a reputable company to catch any leaks early Oil.