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But now there is a certain amount of wishful thinking by those who wish we weren't leaving.
It's just wishful thinking that we go to another life of some sort after death.
e Scottish Government's Independence bonus is pure wishful thinking," the Chief Secretary to the Treasury said.
Wishful thinking, he implies, lacks sufficient reasons for true beliefs.
This wishful plan has been conceived by 51 parliamentarians with fake degrees and 250 of their colleagues in order to escape accountability," he claimed.
Only Anastassiades had the political acumen and courage to go against the tide of wishful thinking and repeatedly called for an end to the sterile rhetoric and vacuous grandstanding which helped only the Turkish side.
But those who were having wishful thinking that government would collapse following the NRO decision might have been disappointed, he held.
Call it wishful thinking if you want but both are in the July Cup.
Sun in a Bottle: The Strange History of Fusion and the Science of Wishful Thinking; Charles Seife; Viking, New York, NY; 2008,; 304pp.
SOMETHING Wishful, the spectacular finale to Cheshire's Year of Gardens 08, will take place on the River Dee at the Groves in Chester on Friday.
Mr Foster said: "These figures make it clear that Gordon Brown's promise to provide five hours of school sport a week is nothing more than wishful thinking.