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There are too many people engaged in wishful thinking and the consequences of their wishful thinking are likely to be very bad for this community.
The MLS Cup probably is wishful thinking for a franchise hovering at .
That would translate to components at least 1,000 times smaller than today's -- a prospect that some view as theoretically sound and others doom as wishful thinking.
That's more wishful thinking than sound strategy for the average kicker.
Because many biotech and pharmaceutical companies not only do not see much of a financial payoff in the vaccine business but are also worried about potential litigation problems, some might view the results of our poll as a case of wishful thinking instead of a reflection of reality," says John Sterling, Editor in Chief of GEN.
There was no joy in Mudville, just shattered dreams, dashed hopes, and wishful thinking of what might have been.
Pollock asserts that the industry's lack of decommissioning experience with the large 1,000-mega-watt plants that are typical today makes most current decommissioning-cost projections little more than guesses based on "varying degrees of wishful thinking.
But Adishian said wishful thinking is not the way to go when deciding what to do with a tax refund.
By looking at buyer intentions in context with vendor revenue forecasts and background macroeconomic indicators, IDC FutureScan helps us understand how much of those expectations are wishful thinking and how much will result in real IT spending.
Racing over breeding: Wishful thinking, but after the public outcry caused by Smarty Jones' early retirement, the next owner to spurn big syndication money for a star horse could be hailed as a hero.
GigE and 10GigE have been, and will continue to be corporate technologies, contrary to persistent wishful thinking that carriers will move their networks to Ethernet.