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The 2009 budget prepared by the government was also a classic case of wishful thinking.
But his wishful thinking can't excuse, even if it helps explain, the wishful thinking on the other side.
After reading Nancy Dwight and Mickey Edwards's article ("Bush Becomes a Moderate, Really," September), I have to conclude that they are engaged in wishful thinking rather than rational analysis.
After an informative and fact-based overview of the likely impacts of il and natural gas depletion, Heinberg offers four possible options for industrial societies during the new several decades: "Last Main Standing": the path of competition for remaining resources; "Powerdown": the path of cooperation, conservation, and sharing; "Waiting for a Magic Elixir": wishful thinking, false hopes, and denial; "Building Lifeboats": the path of community solidarity and preservation.
I think this is irresponsible and statistically unsupported wishful thinking.
NEW ORLEANS -- It's high time for physicians to accept that many long-standing dogmas about heart disease in women are in fact wishful thinking.
The book's first three chapters, which cover Shakespeare, seek "to show the extent to which the work of England's national bard is bound up with the disputed borders of Britishness," (113) beginning with the histories and their wishful thinking about British unification--particularly redolent in Henry V.
Rumors of a possible return of the salamander base plate, however, are said to be wishful thinking at best.
To create something stationary would be a false move--or, at best, wishful thinking.
Therefore, I offer five predictions about what I think the industry will look like and five pieces of wishful thinking.
Via a combination of leg-end, inordinate extrapolation of data, and wishful thinking, the tree is proclaimed to be 300 years old.
Most decaying enterprises are brought down by their own managers, yoked to wishful thinking and dumb tactics that fail to deliver growth.