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Congress passed a law, wishfully nicknamed the Drug-Free America Act, that requires a mandatory life sentence for a 21-year-old who sells a gram of cocaine to a 20-year-old, and gives most of its nearly $2 billion appropriation to law-enforcement and military agencies to wage a futile war on drugs.
How can we accede to what Massing wishfully calls the "Finlandization" of Central America when we know that the process would more likely be its Afghanistanization--or, more accurately, its Vietnamization?
These two countries are not 'the guarantors' of the Dayton Peace Agreement, as they wishfully call themselves, but they are exclusively the obliged parties, which means that they do not have any right to interfere in BiH's internal matters.
THERE'S MORE TO COME SOME wishfully questioned if a Wembley defeat, hot on the heels of their FA Cup exit, could hurt City's chase of bigger prizes.
Before kick off Rangers fans were wishfully thinking of a potential title race with Celtic.
Families and students have dreamed wishfully and they have planned accordingly about the future to fulfill the needs.
Still, they somewhat wishfully believe that the resulting economic expansion will expand the tax base and thereby offset the losses.
Ankara sees Berlin's stance "as a tactic against the populist right during the upcoming parliamentary election, and wishfully thinks Merkel will soften her position after the election," Unluhisarcikli said.
Have you ever ignored medical symptoms, wishfully hoping it was not anything serious and would resolve itself without intervention?
It should have been honourably and wishfully in Royal discretion returned to the Court of the City of Lahore, i.