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Going ahead with such a US-Saudi training programme in Jordan is tantamount to planning an extended war on Syria until such time that the regime changes or the country becomes a failed state, as the planners wishfully hope.
As well, we may firmly, but wrongly, believe that something happened in a certain way because we are thinking wishfully, or because we are fearful, confused or misled.
Presidents, lawmakers and military leaders consistently fail to learn the lessons of history and, wishfully, presume that every ground war will be the last, McManus says in an interview.
I'm afraid our leaders are wishfully eying a spring or summer season instead of dealing with realities of a coming winter.
It has been disclosed that shameless and wishfully gullible Pakistani authorities were unaware that massive piles of database of Pakistani passengers, readily and easily gleaned from many Pakistan-USA flights, among countless other forms of technology, already existed with American authorities.
The comfortable breezes soothe all that wishfully shuffle nearby.
SIR - Gareth D Evans says that "we are thinking wishfully in hoping that a cash strapped England will fork out for a scheme largely of benefit to Wales"(Letters, Feb 15), while referring to the possible electrification of the main rail line from South Wales to London.
and European repeatedly broken past promises, PLO presidency and negotiators wishfully continue to make believe and insistently opt to being held hostage to renewed similar promises, hoping their "peace partners" would, by a miracle, commit to their words.
No doubt many observers would perceive, perhaps wishfully, more difference than continuity.
If there is such a thing as God, I believe he comes in the shape of a 17-year-old Italian called Matteo, who has every right to be wishfully thinking about becoming one of the best golfers in the world.
I said, 'I suspect I'm more like a spreading shrub with rather jolly flowers, but wishfully thinking, would like to be a tree of heaven - sort of heavenly but rather high maintenance (this tree puts out suckers).
I said: 'I suspect I'm more like a spreading shrub with rather jolly flowers, but wishfully thinking, would like to be a Tree of Heaven - sort of heavenly but rather high maintenance.