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Through the twilight, as he passed to and fro, he fancied more than once that the wan face of an old man, with wistful, sorrowing eyes, was floating somewhere before him
His eyes looked at me again with the painful expression of inquiry, so wistful, so vacant, so miserably helpless to see.
The wistful look clouded his face again: and, after apparently designing to accompany me to the street door, he suddenly changed his mind, rang the bell for the servant, and remained in the drawing-room.
The birds brought him news of how boys and girls play, and wistful tears started in Peter's eyes.
Newman cast a wistful glance on Mrs Nickleby and said 'No,' most unblushingly.
The Leopard Man smiled in a sweetly wistful fashion, and the far-away look came into his eyes.
Pollyanna laughed again, but she sighed, too; and in the gathering twilight her face looked thin and wistful.
The miserable man paced up and down the streets--so long, so wearisome, so like each other--and often cast a wistful look towards the east, hoping to see the first faint streaks of day.
I sprang to my feet while she turned about and came towards me bravely, with a wistful smile on her bold, adolescent face.
I should n't think you 'd envy anybody, for you 've got one another," said Polly, with such a wistful look, that it suddenly set Tom and Fanny to wondering why they did n't have better times together, and enjoy themselves, as Polly and Jim did.
It doesn't reinvent the wheel but manages to tinge even the most colour-saturated scenes with wistful yearning for the simple pleasures of the past.
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