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Presently she gave over sky- larking, and moved irresolutely about, sighing once or twice and glancing furtively and wistfully toward Tom.
Her eyes sought his every now and then, wistfully. Presently she pointed out a tiny whitewashed cottage standing by itself on a piece of waste ground.
"You are very kind, and I am very, very thankful to have met you." The first touch of womanly tenderness that I had heard from her trembled in her voice as she said the words; but no tears glistened in those large, wistfully attentive eyes of hers, which were still fixed on me.
"You haven't any reason to be," Penelope answered just a little wistfully. "Prince Maiyo has no room in his life for such frivolous creatures as women."
"Can't you trust me a little more than that, Geraldine?" he asked wistfully.
He stopped in the middle of the open space and looked wistfully and hungrily back at us.
Sitting on the deck several feet away and watching wistfully was White Fang,
Some ill-conditioned persons who sneer at the life-matrimonial, may perhaps suggest, in this place, that the good couple would be better likened to two principals in a sparring match, who, when fortune is low and backers scarce, will chivalrously set to, for the mere pleasure of the buffeting; and in one respect indeed this comparison would hold good; for, as the adventurous pair of the Fives' Court will afterwards send round a hat, and trust to the bounty of the lookers-on for the means of regaling themselves, so Mr Godfrey Nickleby and HIS partner, the honeymoon being over, looked out wistfully into the world, relying in no inconsiderable degree upon chance for the improvement of their means.
She looked at him a little pitifully, a little wistfully. Then, with a shrug of the shoulders, she turned round to the piano and recommenced to play.
DANCE AROUND SINGING WISTFULLY Witnessing Genna is undoubtedly a spectacle and an alternative way to spend the festive period; but year-round, Ethiopia's churches are open for business, and even agnostics can't fail to be moved by an enthralling ancient culture criminally overlooked in Western history books.
The tracks are "Morning Song", "Summer Dance", "Still the River Flows", "Just a Simple Song", "For a Long, Long Time", "Nineteen in 69", "On a Cloudy Day", "Take Me With You", "Evening Song", "Wistfully", "I Remember That", "Wherever You Are", "Walking by the Shore", and "Won't You Stay".
The correct solution is for the government to take direct action by suspending the TRAIN Law, instead of wistfully thinking the market will right itself in the long run.