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His special guest is singer-songwriter Jon Allen from South Devon who blends early 70s folk rock and 60s wistfulness with a touch of Nick Drake and Elliot Smith.
His playing style, both sharply percussive and metallically lyrical, is instantly recognisable and bears some similarities to that of Vladimir Horowitz as well as some of the wistfulness of Bill Evans' approach.
This is cleverly done, as The Kooks don't stray too far away from their original style, but some echoey vocals and fragmented guitar riffs create a discreet wistfulness.
Toward the end of the narrative, he asks or prays for a reversal of his father's grim medical destiny, for a miraculous cure that would restore his failing health and bring back his lost memories, perhaps through the use of "un eCloud, un eNuage." The droll wistfulness of a cybernetic metaphor is typical of Begag's treatment of what is ultimately a somber narrative.
Hannah is called away from the shelter of her grandmother's home by the sinister Rusalki in "When the Water Witches Come Dancing for Their Supper." Despite the whimsy on the surface, a strong current of wistfulness runs underneath, binding the individual stories together.
Mixing a cinematic English wistfulness with upbeat Latin themes, Urata has managed to create something that is both playful and disarmingly tender.
Generally, it would mean we are experiencing a wistfulness for the past when life was slower, less consumerism and materialism existed, you didn't have to keep up with the Joneses, ladies were ladies and men were chivalrous.
Azerbaijani entry at Eurovision 2018 Song Contest Aysel Mammadova has presented a project "Wistfulness"dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy.
Almaric talks about it with a regretful wistfulness, while Yse says she loves her husband.
Many comments on K-pop fan sites expressed wistfulness over the talented group's demise, calling it 'unfortunate' and even urging the girls to reconsider.
Chat with any car designer today, and there's a wistfulness, maybe a touch of envy, for the unencumbered design climates of decades past.
The relatively tranquil feel of the album's final two songs implies that the turbulence has passed, leaving only wistfulness and resignation.