with alacrity

References in classic literature ?
Strickland was glad to show me her children, and she accepted my invitation with alacrity.
Ferguson had a servant who answered with alacrity to the name of Joe.
cried my mother, proceeding with alacrity to pull the bell and order the favoured beverage.
Pakistan must remain neutral and with alacrity mediate for the solution of contending issues amicably and peacefully.
If I had been asked ten or 15 years earlier I would have accepted with alacrity.
Responding with alacrity to exception reports non-responsive LPRF meters.
By working with Alacrity and developing higher-level skills in key industry sectors, we aim to convert high-flying engineering graduates into successful entrepreneurs of high-technology companies who will then provide employment sources to the Welsh economy.
Washington, Oct 14 (ANI): A research carried out at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has shown that unlike humans, honeybees, when thrown into highly time-altered new societal roles, are able to alter their biological rhythms with alacrity, enabling them to make a successful "quick switch" in their daily routines.
Fans of tales with loads of action who like to get fully immersed in a fictional situation will be getting caught up in this sequence and anticipating each new addition with alacrity.
Tiger got rid of Fluff in double-quick time when critical words were spoken - and he also got rid of his former caddie with alacrity too.
Der fliegende Hollander appears to be flying around with alacrity these days.
Martyr Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani played a pivotal role in the national and regional politics of the country and always remained active to serve the masses of the province with alacrity.