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Not all the hospitals enjoyed working with Allegiance, however.
Scott Sambade, vice president of acquisitions and finance with Allegiance Realty Corporation, added, "The appointment of Cushman & Wakefield reflects our commitment to working closely with the commercial real estate brokerage community in New Jersey.
Our partnership with Allegiance will provide a comprehensive solution for Voice of the Customer professionals," said Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge.
Scott Sambade, director of acquisitions and finance with Allegiance Realty Corporation, added, "Congratulations to the entire team of professionals who worked diligently on this multifaceted transaction.
Flexibility and Customization With Allegiance, the customer decides how much or how little assistance is needed of the implementation and best practices teams.
a provider of VOCi (Voice of Customer Intelligence) technology and services, announced today that JetBlue Airways has partnered with Allegiance to quickly uncover insights from customer and crewmember feedback to identify areas that can be applied to improve the customer experience.
Cook, age 66, will continue with Allegiance Bank in an advisory and consulting capacity as Vice Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors.
John brings an impeccable reputation and industry standing to his new role with Allegiance Capital and he will be instrumental in leading the firm's growing emphasis on large-scale, complex business transactions.
We are proud to partner with Allegiance in their efforts to bridge the digital divide that keeps many people from taking advantage of broadband technologies including Digital Phone Service.
We are pleased to be working with Allegiance Leasing.
The original lawsuit alleges fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion and conspiracy in connection with Allegiance Capital's investment in a business venture promoted by the defendants in 2000 that purportedly intended to establish a cruise ship-based casino operation in Hong Kong.
entered into a funding agreement with Allegiance Partners L.