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But in its most basic form what we call "autonomy" is the view that the ultimate authority over the self is the self, and it is this sense of autonomy that appears to conflict with authority. It led Robert Paul Wolff to his famous argument that the conflict between authority and autonomy makes anarchism the only acceptable political arrangement, (3) and it led to the common view that the final word on whether a person lives or dies is the word of that person herself.
In this sense of conscience, your best judgment cannot conflict with authority when it is your own judgment that tells you that the authority is more likely to get the truth than you are yourself.
Up with Authority: Why We Need Authority to Flourish as Human Beings by Victor Lee Austin (New York: T8cT Clark, 2010)
Austin suggests following the model of the "loyal opposition"--those who do not agree with authority's decision but who do not overthrow or render it impotent.
So, against their better judgment, against their desire to throw him out of the region, the people begin to listen to this one who does, indeed, speak with authority.
I fear, however, that this authority that dispenses with authority actually has no deeper basis than the one to which Bishop Brown himself appeals: "my experience of death and resurrection, my experience of Christian friendship, my experience of growth, my experience of prayer;" or "a relationship, a touching, an intimacy--which is experienced by me (or you) as grace-giving and filled with love." Although this sounds warm and cozy, I can think of no foundation for authority that is more chilling.
For a time, the traditionalist and neoconservative groups made inroads in evangelization by responding to the crisis of authority in the general culture by saying, "If you are looking for the truth, well, we have a 2,000-year old tradition founded by the Son of God: Here is the truth, spoken with authority. (They did not say: Here is our version of that truth.) But now, when church authority is weakened, even that approach may fall on deaf ears.
What does this have to do with authority? For the younger generation--for any generation of Christians--genuine religious authority comes from living the gospel.
Teaching with Authority "Every Sabbath day he went into the synagogue and taught the people.
"But Jesus taught with authority. Why don't you?" he challenged.
Specifically, the Court held that a lawful consent must be given voluntarily and by a person with authority. Moreover, because consent is an exception to the general requirement that searches be conducted pursuant to a warrant, the government bears the burden of proving both of these prerequisites.
Section 7 is the section that provides the Board with authority to regulate securities credit.