with confidence

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Inhabitants, return with confidence to your abodes!
Across the UK, overall confidence dropped to 1%, with confidence in prospects falling to 8%.
government remains low, with confidence in Congress and the Supreme Court near their all-time lows reached last year.
The strong increase follows two quarters of decline, with confidence now returning to its highest level since February 2011.
In the study by Smith (2013) in this issue on readmissions in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), some results were reported with confidence intervals, abbreviated CI.
"Unstoppable Confidence" is well worth the read for those with confidence issues.
I know that many of you already have stories of things you have done with confidence. Many more of you will have them as the year goes on.
'With confidence levels at the lowest for four years, the decision to hold rates came as no surprise following the slowdown in the housing market and lower growth in borrowing,' he said.
Combining effect size with confidence intervals is the wave of the future in continuing efforts to make research understandable for the reader.
Statistical theory allows us to associate a probability with confidence intervals by applying the correct multiple of the standard error.
As is the case with confidence in Congress, Americans' confidence in many of these institutions has changed over time.
With confidence in banking remaining so low and worsening on the margin, it is clear that the banking industry, banking regulators, and other policymakers need to do more to improve the confidence Americans have in banking institutions.