with constancy

See: faithfully
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Pursuing it with constancy, with a cycle of continuous emptying of the self, gaining a more realistic knowledge of myself, both my strengths and virtues.
On the one side we find science allied with change, wrestling inductive guesses out of nature; on the other we find science allied with constancy, plugged into the deductive nature of the analytic sciences, paramount among them pure mathematics in its axiomatic presentation.
I would ask from my season here to be a regular and to have the possibility of training with constancy without any problems.
Qualified in terms of amatory conduct, a "paradox of nothing" thus inaugurates this long pastoral romance and displays in its symmetry the antithetical pairing of constancy and inconstancy; [2] whereas inconstancy appropriates the durability associated with constancy and is alone reliable, constancy undergoes ineluctable change, the salient feature of inconstancy, despite its ostensible foundation in stasis.