with deference

References in classic literature ?
Up sprang they as the latter advanced and saluted their leader with deference, but with hearty gladness to see him back again.
There is a vigorous debate over how various judicial interpretive tools ought to interact with deference to agencies.
46) Confusion and misuse have a higher chance of occurring when questions of fact are reviewed alongside questions of law under the de novo standard of review because questions of fact are reviewed with deference under the clearly erroneous standard.
One must consider, for instance, whether sanctioning social scientists with deference improperly vests them with too much power to influence judicial framing of censorship issues.
Some might call that oldfashioned, but I like to think it was all to do with deference and respect for their age and experience - deference and respect for age and experience which are so lacking in society today.
Clark has great name recognition already and will get a great boost from the press who treat him with deference.
The prince repeatedly confuses the drunk by dressing him up in finery while he is passed out; when he awakens, he's confused by his surroundings and the footmen who regard him with deference.
Indeed, the ministers discouraged the teaching of rituals other than those associated with deference.
Without deference, an erroneous interpretation results in the imposition of the view of five justices; but with deference, the erroneous interpretation is the product of the majority.