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In addition, the process of reassigning the vehicles with Dispatch is seamless to both the repair facility and the insurer.
With Dispatch Watchdog, and a wireless computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, important GIS information can be instantly displayed on a mobile data terminal.
With Dispatch Watchdog's capabilities when someone calls 911 from a cell phone their location is plotted on the map.
This latest agreement with Dispatch Broadcast Group's NBC affiliate in the nation's 26th largest market brings PAX to a total of 30 JSAs, 13 of which are in the top 20 markets (65%) and 16 that fall within the top 30 markets (53%).
WAP technology gives field techs a cost effective, reliable way to exchange basic data with dispatch centers and other field techs in real time.
With Dispatch, agencies can easily conduct due diligence for new campaigns and utilize comparative data across clients and agency offices.