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HEDGEHOG Smelling and sniffing with its snout Are there any beetles lurking about Ears are up cause he must hear If any dangerous species near Then he will curl up in a ball And never feel afraid at all When winter comes and it starts to get cold He hibernates without being told With eyes shut tight and keeping still Warm and hidden what a thrill Wonderful thing is natures way Of teaching them to sleep and stay Then springtime arrives with a burst Hedgehog awakes as though rehearsed Soon is scurrying on his feet Looking for something nice to eat Thank you for sight of him today I love to see him out to play Angela McNicol.
Surely Irving Babbitt is a far more trustworthy guide when he asks us to wrestle with the "immediate data of consciousness": with those realities that can never be escaped, even with eyes shut tight, transfixed by Rousseau's siren call, "Let us begin by setting aside all facts." (Try as he will, Freud cannot vanquish sin, nor Kinsey overcome shame except in a totally disordered cosmos.)
Two arms raised in triumph, a face with eyes shut and mouth open, unequivocally tells us who won.