with good faith

See: faithfully
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Swan also identifies protection of the parties' expectations as nearly synonymous with good faith. (77) Swan argues compellingly that given the historical pedigree of honesty and fairness as shared norms for facilitating commerce, it is puzzling that Canadian common law courts have historically been apt to reject good faith as a concept that embodies these norms (and that is therefore well within the parties' expectations).
The Final Report--Franchises ('South Australian Report') was of the opinion that 'there currently exist unacceptable limits on the ability of the franchisees to seek redress in cases where franchisors abuse their contractual discretions and powers.' (20) The Economic and Finance Committee of the South Australian Parliament recommended amending the Code by inserting a provision imposing 'a duty to act in accordance with good faith and fair dealing [on] each party of the franchise relationship.' (21)
The idea of good faith as requiring honest standards of dealing has made cameo appearances in some of the cases dealing with good faith in the franchise context.
The provisions dealing with good faith in FWA are found in Part 2-4
Bona fide is defined as "in or with good faith; honestly, openly, and sincerely; without deceit or fraud" and "[r]eal, actual, genuine, and not feigned.
Levandusky further cautions that the board of a cooperative in its governance carries the potential for abuse when a board singles out a person for harmful treatment or engages in unlawful discrimination, vendetta, arbitrary decision making or favoritism which can be determined to be abuses and are incompatible with good faith and the exercise of honest judgment.
The second sentence of Paragraph 10 states that "evidence concerning a person's conduct will be gathered to determine whether the error was made honestly (with good faith) or dishonestly (with bad faith, or with a wilful, reckless or wanton disregard of the law)." This statement illustrates why, in the context of larger enterprises, "employees" should have a very clear exemption from personal liability.
The physicians would earn an extra salary to work with Good Faith and would bill Medicare on their own and reimburse the hospital from Medicare payments.