with intent

See: purposely
References in classic literature ?
A TURBULENT Person was brought before a Judge to be tried for an assault with intent to commit murder, and it was proved that he had been variously obstreperous without apparent provocation, had affected the peripheries of several luckless fellow-citizens with the trunk of a small tree, and subsequently cleaned out the town.
Ishmaeel Akbar, 32, of |Kingsbury Road, Tipton: Admitted false imprisonment, blackmail and GBH with intent.
Yusuf Akbar, 33, of |Wynn Street, Edgbaston, Birmingham: Found guilty of false imprisonment, blackmail and GBH with intent.
6501(c)(1) phrases the fraud exception to the usual three-year limitations period in terms of a fraudulent return with intent to evade tax, and does not explicitly require fraudulent intent on the taxpayer's part.
First, investigators have difficulty proving that anyone involved acted with intent to defraud, especially promoters of the scheme.
In drug cases, the defendant usually has been charged with distribution of drugs or possession with intent to distribute, rather than with simple use or possession.
The defendant, whom the officers charged with possession of firearms and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, objected to the introduction of the war manuals and body armor.