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The second deals with justice, which I will define broadly as increasing peace, creating equality, alleviating suffering and encouraging freedom.
13) In Renaissance treatments particular justice is sometimes conflated with justice as a whole, and iustitia distributiva and iustitia commutativa are cited as the two species of justice.
Justice White opined that Bacchus should be applied retroactively even if it was wrongly decided on that issue, but disagreed with Justice Souter's disclaimer of the propriety of pure prospectivity (discussed below), presumably because he was not inclined to overrule the Court's prior holdings recognizing that principle.
Both with justices past and with at least two present members of the Court--I don't want to use names--there is every indication that they so enjoy the social stature of being a justice that they are loathe to give up the position when the minimal job performance demands can either be met rather easily or handed off.