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The higher virtue, which is identical with knowledge, is an ideal only.
Interviewees were asked first to list words associated with knowledge, then to describe a situation in which they had resolved a dispute about knowledge.
Exercising the principles of knowledge management, modern principals can take more of an active role in leading the school's knowledge infrastructure by: (a) managing the data derived from the interdependent relationship between the teacher and the student more efficiently; (b) encouraging teachers to provide more critical input into process of knowledge enhancement; (c) implementing more knowledge-related training for the school as a learning organization; (d) making decisions based on the analysis of data from improved learning and higher test score results, lessons learned and best practices; and (e) most importantly, leading the development of a strategic plan with knowledge management at its center of leadership and core of organizational values.
In addition to consulting printed publications and business databases, you should visit Internet sites that deal with knowledge management and such related topics as intellectual capital and organizational learning.
And that's where we are with knowledge management now.
A purely technological approach also runs the risk of over-loading employees with information, rather than arming them with knowledge.
com), a leading provider of Best Practice-based consolidated IT Service Management software solutions, today announced a global agreement with Knowledge Powered Solutions (www.
We recognize that the developers of clinical diagnostic and laboratory equipment can benefit from e-learning and blended learning solutions," says Bill Strelke, executive vice president, marketing and business development, with Knowledge Anywhere, Inc.
We've worked extensively with Knowledge Powered Solutions in recent years and the integration between the two products will allow us to be productive from 'day one.
While customers' satisfaction levels with Knowledge Impact's solutions have always been high, over the past couple of years many of Knowledge Impact's customers expressed a desire to have the ability to independently maintain and update their training solutions.
LG-EDS and Pentacle will use LeadingWay's proprietary KnowledgeOne(TM) software product line and KSD(TM) content development methodology to provide Korean companies with knowledge system solutions that integrate eLearning, performance support and knowledge management capabilities.
Klaus Erich Pollmann, has signed an agreement with Knowledge Technologies International (KTI) for the University's Competency to become the first Center of Excellence for KTI's Knowledge-based Process Modeler(TM) (KPM), part of its suite of knowledge-based software, The KBO Environment(TM).