with nothing missing

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With nothing missing, it should be a simple fix with epoxy and pins.
The sentence, moreover, is rendered, with nothing missing, in Hebrew,
My team call me the all-limber, because I'm the only one with nothing missing.
Security guards working in the Queen Street store found the purse dumped nearby, with nothing missing from it.
Many vehicles were rifled through, with nothing missing.
Good kits are a self-contained, coordinated collection of cool items for at least one whole project, with nothing missing.
He asserts that the interpretation of the Koran as the perfect word of God with nothing missing nor extra and the desire of some pious Muslims to achieve perfection by living as the prophet Muhammad did in sixth and seventh centuries means that people must always look to history for answers.
But the Mean Girls star was overjoyed when the bag was returned to her by cops - with nothing missing.
The wallet was eventually collected with nothing missing.
Amazingly, thanks to the police who heard her shouts, she got it back with nothing missing.
Now a young recruit, the son of a dead officer who had an obsession with the Buick, wants to know the whole thing; from the start to the end, with nothing missing.
What we're doing is to produce the complete human genome sequence to a very high accuracy and with nothing missing," says John Sulston, director of the Sanger Centre in Cambridge, England, which plans to sequence one-third of the human genome as part of the now 8-year-old worldwide effort.

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