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A company may well decide that it can part with a particular memorandum discussing a specific tax issue, but its disclosure of that memorandum may result in it waiving all claims of privilege with regard to all communications concerning that issue.
As indicated before, with regard to other measurements, there are wide variations in the status of education between Arab countries.
In 12:1-9, Jesus looses the prohibition against performing work on the sabbath with regard to plucking grain to satisfy one's hunger.
This chapter provides essential additional information, to those already given in the previous one, especially with regard to the understanding of indigenous factors that contribute to economic and social upheavals in the region.
MANAMA, Bahrain -- The Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Bahrain jointly issued today the Spectrum Policy of the Kingdom and the report on responses received with regard to the relevant document.
One quarter of Americans (25%) indicated that they were less confident after the speech with regard to major health care issues.
With regard to the timeliness of the release of such minutes, as you know they are published shortly after the following Committee meeting.
The primary reinsurer under this contract initiated an arbitration proceeding to rescind the contract soon after the agreement was put into place in May 1998, alleging misrepresentation and nondisclosures with regard to the business covered.