with the stipulation

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It was three miles to where I lived, and I had received a pass with the stipulation that I could sit down as long as there were no paying passengers in need of a seat.
In accordance with the stipulation of the parties, the hearing panel ordered that respondent's license to practice law in Michigan be suspended for 90 days.
08-MD-1989-GKF-FHM" in accordance with the stipulation of settlement entered into by the parties on 3 May 2011.
In case of nationals of the UK and 18 other countries (EU countries, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Vietnam), tourist visas of up to five years will be granted, with the stipulation that their stay during each visit will not exceed 180 days in case of UK nationals and 90 days in the case of nationals of the other 18 countries, he added.
Remember to move for admission of attachments on the record because they are not automatically admitted with the stipulation in the same way enclosures are.
The party who fails to comply with the stipulation does so at its own risk, for as you can see by this decision, the penalty is to lose the case.
Archbishop Bertone confirmed the prohibition to organize official pilgrimages, but explained that "private" pilgrimages are allowed, with the stipulation that they not be regarded as authentication of the events, "which still require an examination by the Church." He suggested that Bosnian bishops study the matter further.
"We have to return to some of the tactics that helped the public and private sectors work together and one of those was to sell vacant or in REM housing sites that the city owned to a builder developer for one dollar with the stipulation hat he build affordable housing on the site," she said.
troop commanders and the activities of peacekeepers will not greatly change with the stipulation of the rules in writing.
Syrian legislation comes even closer to its Israeli counterpart with the stipulation of exceptional naturalization.
Rather, the entity grants a new option for a specific number of shares with a specific exercise price and with the stipulation that each share acquired through exercise under the new grant cancels a proportionate number of shares under the original grant and vice versa.
In accordance with the stipulation of the parties, the hearing panel ordered that Murphy be disbarred and pay restitution of $1,000 to one complainant.