with validity

See: de facto
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Under this Sahi offer, customers can subscribe to all time data packs with data volume of 0.5 GB to 15 GB with validity of 1 day to 30 days at Rs 39 to Rs 799.
problems with validity, such as indefiniteness, (52) lack of utility,
One major problem with validity coefficients was demonstrating the relevance of the chosen criterion to the purpose of the testing (Suen, 2003).
First, the analysis in this part is very tentative in the sense that the cases are not analyzed deeply to check whether certain types of concrete problems with validity really exist (or not exist) in the case.
Situation (c) is mainly concerned with validity studies in which two sets of test scores are supposed to measure the same trait.
That problem is at the core of our difficulties with validity and is, I insist, no simple matter.
(Owing to limited numbers of primary studies available, they were unable to consider the separate relationship of each of these aspects of interview structure with validity.) Owing to their having confounded these two aspects of structure, their finding that highly structured interviews (which they termed `Structure IV') had no greater validity than moderately structured interviews (termed `Structure III') needs to be interpreted cautiously.