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The magistrate further said the defence counsel did not file notice to withdraw from the case as per procedure.
So if your effective tax rate is 25% and you withdraw $10,000, you'll essentially lose $2,500 of that to taxes on top of the penalty you'll incur.
Earlier, they had announced protest on February 5 against power load shedding to draw the attention of the government towards their grievances but the local administration asked them to withdraw the call as it may create problems for them on Kashmir Solidarity Day.
Chandy said in Delhi on Tuesday that the government was not against reconsidering its move to withdraw the case.
Hor Namhong said the decision to withdraw more than 480 Cambodian troops from the border area is to show that "Cambodia is respecting the order of the International Court of Justice" issued July 18 last year.
And earlier this month James Leeming from the council's highways department wrote to her asking her to withdraw the petition so that action could be taken more quickly.
Meanwhile another source said Saudi Arabia is set to withdraw most of its troops from Bahrain.
Morocco's Foreign Ministry received a verbal note in this regard from Papua New Guinean Foreign Minister expressing the decision of his country to withdraw its recognition of the so called SADR starting from March 30, 2011, Foreign Minister Taib Fassi Fihri said at a joint press conference in Rabat with Zambian peer Kabinga J.
Following the change, customers who withdraw cash from the bank's ATMs would not have to pay a fee for doing so.
KABUL (PAN): A large number of nervous customers were seen making unusual long queues to withdraw their deposits from the country's largest bank, Kabul Bank, on Thursday, after the bank's two top executives resigned amid allegations of mismanagement and unorthodox real estate loans.
Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has said that he expects Israel to withdraw from the southern Lebanese village of al-Ghajar in the "near future," the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Thursday.
It said Nationwide Building Society offered its current account customers the best deal, not charging them to withdraw cash abroad.