withdraw from

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Do I live but for her?" Both his voice and looks were full of inexpressible tenderness when he spoke these words; and at the same time he laid gently hold on her hand, which she did not withdraw from him; to say the truth, she hardly knew what she did or suffered.
He heard her approach and withdraw from the partially open door; and twice or three times he even saw the shadow of a person intercept the light.
Since losing Talat Al-Nimr in northern Khan Sheikhoun, the militants were under nonstop missile and artillery strikes, which is one of the reasons why they were forced to withdraw from the northern sector of the city.
The magistrate further said the defence counsel did not file notice to withdraw from the case as per procedure.
Roggensack made a similar announcement Monday in the court's hearing room that Abrahamson had decided to withdraw from those three cases.
Usman Sher, the MMA candidate in the July 25 elections, has once again filed nomination papers for the by-poll, and seems in no mood to withdraw from the race.
Therefore, the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.'
No matter when or how much money you decide to withdraw from your IRA, be sure to consider the benefits and repercussions involved.
They would have Israel withdraw from the West Bank and would blithely expose thousands of Palestinians to a horrible fate as Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and others converge upon the newly "liberated" Palestine to create the next Syria.
DAMMAN: The Public Electoral Committee announced that last Thursday was the final day for candidates to withdraw from the upcoming municipal elections, according to the head of the electoral media committee in the Eastern Province, Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al Sufyaan.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Secretary General of Kurdish Peshmarga Ministry General Jabbar Yawar announced that his forces will not withdraw from Suleiman Bey and Touzkhormatoo areas.
MANILA -- Re-electionist Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim said he is willing to withdraw from the mayoral race if he fails to prove that he is a Filipino citizen, an old issue that has been resuscitated by his rival, former President Joseph Estrada.