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Seven candidates withdrew their nomination forms submitted for PB-38 Mastung and now 20 candidates will be contesting elections in this constituency.
Murphy also issued a statement as he withdrew but indicated he would re-enter if Loughnane could not be enticed back.
Many of them also withdrew from the program after learning of the government's expectations (Amnesty joined in our lawsuit, as well).
Spadea will play Olivier Rochus, who gained entry to the tournament after Andre Agassi withdrew, today in the round of 16.
enrolled in grade level, dropped back, withdrew, transferred) over time.
The only NL umpires assured of keeping their jobs are Mark Hirschbeck, who never quit, and Wally Bell and Jeff Nelson, who withdrew their resignations last week.
Two other top prospects also withdrew this summer from consideration, as did two candidates for the interim CEO job last winter.
Ellie Mae gave notice that it would seek Rule 11 sanctions unless Calyx withdrew the motion.
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and Wieden + Kennedy, two of the initial four finalists, withdrew from Foxwoods' ad review process late last week.
Today, Fitch Ratings withdrew its 'B-'long-term and 'B' short-term debt ratings for Bay View Capital Corp (BVC) and Bay View Bank, NA.
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services today said it withdrew its 'B' debt rating on FHC Health Systems Inc.