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Let us alight, as the birds do, and perch ourselves on the nearest twig, and consult wither we shall fly next
I should think, sir, that the appearance of Mohegan and the Leather-Stocking, stalking through the country, impoverished and forlorn, would wither your sight.
Just before the time to wither begins," he said airily, "you say to them Fairy me bola.
But if any advised you wrongly, the light will wither him.
Boxtel allowed his bulbs to rot in the pits, his seedlings to dry up in their cases, and his tulips to wither in the borders and henceforward occupied himself with nothing else but the doings at Van Baerle's.
If people cannot be assured of graves, I fear they will no longer die, and the best interests of civilisation will wither like a frosted leaf.
Through all the spring and summertime, garlands of fresh flowers, wreathed by infant hands, rested on the stone; and, when the children came to change them lest they should wither and be pleasant to him no longer, their eyes filled with tears, and they spoke low and softly of their poor dead cousin.
See how they hang their heads, and droop, and wither.
It come into my mind, then, how Lem and Jim Lane had come along talking, that time, about borrowing a dog or something from Jubiter Dunlap; and that brought up the blackberries and the lantern; and that brought up Bill and Jack Withers, and how they passed by, talking about a nigger stealing Uncle Silas's corn; and that fetched up our old ghost that come along about the same time and scared us so--and here HE was too, and a privileged character, on accounts of his being deef and dumb and a stranger, and they had fixed him a chair inside the railing, where he could cross his legs and be comfortable, whilst the other people was all in a jam so they couldn't hardly breathe.
BILL WITHERS, sworn, said: "I was coming along about
Then Jack Withers he come on the stand and told the same tale, just like Bill done.
That same Saturday evening Bill and Jack Withers DID see one man lugging off another one.