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Taking a social historian's perspective, Goldman tests the ways in which revolutionary laws aimed ultimately at the withering away of marriage and family came into conflict with social reality in a country whose population consisted overwhelmingly of peasants and whose economy had been devastated by war, revolution, and civil war.
Far from withering away in the face of video and other electronic technologies, many internal journals are becoming more, not less important.
As I have stated previously, I believe that management's strategic plan is ill conceived and will result in the withering away of shareholder value over time.
I looked out the window and I saw people who live in huts and have dogs that were, like, withering away.
No one has officially dumped anyone yet but it's just withering away day by day," said a friend.
Frank Cooper, 86, president of the National Pensioners Convention, said: "You can see how many people here today are worrying about the welfare state withering away.
A consultant told Mr Bonham he would lose his right leg when it began turning black and withering away after a heavy anchor chain from a vessel fell on his foot while he was serving in the Royal Navy.
It was in this context that I witnessed the withering away of the industrial base of the West Midlands, which followed the complete domination of the labour market by the trade union movement.
PAUL KLEE DIED RELATIVELY YOUNG, slowly withering away, and his style changed as the inevitability of death became inescapable.
He has bent to the European Community on monetary stability, aware that the old inflationary pump priming has run dry, and has presided over the largest withering away of the state in French history.
Gang truces negotiated after the Los Angeles riots are withering away, and gang-related crime is on the rise, according to the annual report of the Los Angeles County Interagency Gang Task Force.
the roaring of the sea and of the waves; men withering away for fear .