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Many of the branches were broken and bent and leaves were withering away.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not withering away for lack of a mission, says Moore (political science, Concordia College, Minnesota), but is ascending from triumph to triumph.
We have family members who, despite all our care and attention, are withering away in a sunless reality.
He shed an astonishing 63lb to portray a man who is literally withering away before our eyes
Mitch Bonham, 45, of Shackleton Road, Barry, had been told by doctors he was in danger of losing his right leg as it was turning black and withering away after an anchor chain fell on it while he was in the Royal Navy.
This is a gradual withering away of the Sunni insurgency as government police and military forces become more effective, the population more willing to collaborate with them and increasing numbers of Sunnis are ready join a democratic process led by the Shiites and the Kurds.
Richard Bastien (see pages 12-14) calls it nihilism, a movement whereby the notion of a personal God and the principle of a moral law applicable to all, are withering away and ignored.
In Alzheimer's research, exciting leads have a habit of withering away.
The Danube, Europe's most magnificent waterway, was withering away.
After a few days, the poppy plants and fruits in the orchards started withering away, he said.
But would like to return to my earlier point about the withering away of criticism .