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Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is witheringly referred to as "a silly man", while Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is dismissed as "not a top player".
Thus developed Task Force Normandy, designed for fast, low-level entry into Iraq with witheringly destructive firepower to arrive at the radar sites undetected, destroy them, and open the way through the otherwise heavy air defenses of Iraq for the Coalition's air striking force.
He noted witheringly that the US had "balked" at firing "half a dozen Tomahawk missiles" at the Syrian regime in the wake of the August 21 alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad, that the US says killed 1,429 Syrians.
Google is struggling to figure out the dollars and cents of the mobile market and Microsoft is facing witheringly unimpressed reviews for its new Windows 8 platform and Surface tablet.
Sure, you can talk back, report him or look at him witheringly, but he really is making a fool of himself (not of you).
I had a gaggle of girlfriends that moved as a pack, all of us witheringly jealous of Jen Schneider's overdeveloped chest.
Atkinson emerged from the tunnel to a witheringly hostile reception from the Owls' fans.
This is my first time presenting," said Stone, to which Stiller witheringly responded "Yeah, I know".
Delph soon reduced their visitors to 40-3 in the customary damp and dank conditions, and as usual the most aggressive and witheringly disparaging side in the league wasn't short of a few choice words of advice.
With reference to one-stop shop figures, quantity will never overcome quality and because someone has time on her hands to appear in photo shoots looking witheringly at a weed or pointing forlornly at a crack in the pavement does not mean they give value for money.
Her prose is clean, precise and unmannered; her stories are attentive to emotion but sometimes almost witheringly unsentimental.
He found the place straight-laced while a tutor declared witheringly that Pryce could never aspire to do more than playing villains in 1970s TV police drama Z-Cars.